Welcome to God's Children Bible Fellowship.  We are a loving church on the GO in Jesus name.  How blessed we are to have you visit our website.  Almighty God has richly blessed us and given us the opportunity to serve Him through GCBF.

In 2014, we visited Las Vegas to run in a senior track meet with no idea that this is where God wanted us to serve.  Through many different events we heard His call and became willing to serve.  We left Los Angeles, not knowing exactly where the church would be but the command was to go to the Las Vegas area.  Just as Abraham left his home at an old age not knowing exactly where but waiting on the Lord to show him.  We did the same.

In 2015 we began the process of planting GCBF.  Our temporary venue was in Henderson, NV, and in 2017 He showed us where the headquarters of our ministry would be.  We are located in Spring Valley Las Vegas.   We pray that you come and visit our site.  We pray that you are able to feel the love which exist in this fellowship; view the photos, read about our ministries, visit our media section.

It is our prayer that your visit will encourage you to come back and become a contact of our ministry.


Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  How blessed we are to be given the privilege of serving GCBF as Pastor and wife.  God ha richly blessed us and for that we are grateful.

The ninth month of the year is here.  The month of September is the month we have chosen to put our emphasis on Discipleship.  Our Lord and Savior has commissioned us all to GO and make disciples.  We invite you to come to our Discipleship Class on Tuesday night at the Love Center.

Pastor Tim and I share the same birthday September 13 and our First Lady's birthday is the 16th.  We wish all those born in September HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

On the 15th of September the First Lady and I will celebrate our 70th birthday at the Love Center at 3:00 pm.  We invite you to come and celebrate with us.  There ain't no stopping us now.  We are looking to go to higher ground at GCBF with love in Jesus' name.

School is back in session.  It is our prayer that all of God's Children who are attending school utilize the power of prayer in the classroom.  God abides in us.  We can communicate with him anytime.  Be the best you can be in Christ.

We pray that we are able to do a LOT - LOVE God, OBEY God and TRUST God.

Pastor Leroy and Mary Battle

Our Mission



Sunday Worship Service 9:30 am

Prayer     Thursday          6:30 pm-7:00 pm

Bible Study  Thursday     7:00 pm-8:00 pm


         Las Vegas, Nevada 89102